NAME: Brownville
COUNTY: Ulster
CLIMATE: snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: any, but winter
COMMENTS: Zero residents; deserted for more than 50 years. This ghost town is on the same road which leads to Potterville, NY (which is miss-zoned in 1). The location is roughly 3 miles south of Potterville. It appears on Mapquest, but not on Google Maps. However, it appears to be near the location of Eger Road shown on Google Maps. I could find no references to it on the Internet, but the old Ellenville newspapers may have information. The Ellenville Journal now Shawangunk Journal is one place to start. (Julie Muller has the same last name as the owner I remember, Frank, so she might have access to some more ancient material. The other paper was the Ellenville Press which closed in 1978. Its archives are at the Ellenville Public Library -
REMAINS: Unknown
I remember reading something about the town many years ago and seem to recall that it may have been built in support of a local mining operation which was abandoned after WWII. Submitted by: Les Meyers