NAME: Irish Town
COUNTY: Cattaraugus
CLIMATE: Lots of snow in winter, summers comfortable
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Best time to go is spring-fall
COMMENTS: Located in Allegany State Park. Site seldom visited, not well known. Infact just recently rediscovered. Located about 4mi. n.w. of the town of Limestone, on Irish Brook Rd. You have to park a short distance down the road at the old Irish Town Cemetery and walk about 2 mi. to town. There are on structures but if you look along the old road youll see the old stone foundations in the woods.
REMAINS: bridge foundations,ponds,building foundations
All i know about the town is it used to be a farming town from the 1800s till about the 1930s. You can find out more about the town thru the park. Submitted by: Matt Militello