NAME: Academy
CLIMATE: Hot Humid Summer, Cold may snow in Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring or Fall
COMMENTS: 15 miles ease, 3 miles north of durantor 1 mile east and 2 miles north of bokchito (boke chi to)
REMAINS: Some foundations of old school and old cemetary.

It was founded in 1844 as a home for Choctaw Boys. The school was closed during the Civil War. The town grew during the Civil War only to fall at the end when the school was relocated. Part of the Old school was used for a Confederate Hospital during the war. Submitted by: Randy White

Academy was founded in 1844 as a school for Choctaw Indian boys. As the school developed, so did the community about it.  A trading post, a blacksmith shop, and a church were among the first establishments.

The school was closed during the Civil War when the Choctaw aligned with the confederacy.  Part of the school was used as the “capital” of the Choctaw Nation known as Chahta Tamaha until moving to Tuskahoma in 1883. While another part of the school was used as a Confederate hospital.  During this time, the commercial activities in the vicinity grew.  After the capital moved, the school was reopened for Choctaw orphan boys, operating until 1921 when the school was destroyed in a fire.  With the closing of the school and no railroad, the town became deserted.  A cemetery remains with some notable Choctaws, a few Pioneers, and some Confederate soldiers.

Aretta Saunders, through area last in 2001