NAME: Beer City
COUNTY: Beaver County (Old number #07)(Texas then)
CLIMATE: Hot in summer, cold in winter, beautiful fall and spring
COMMENTS: Located in the panhandle of Oklahoma near the Kansas border just South of Liberal Kansas - several mile's. Nothing is left of the "RIP ROARING" old West town but a wheat field! There is no trace there was ever any town at all.
Beer City sprang up in the 1880's and was considered one of the wildest old towns in outlaw territory. It had a saloon called the WHITE ELEPHANT! It was run by several well known local outlaws, and a gal by the name of "PUSSEY CAT NELL" and her girls. They had come from Dodge City, Kansas to make a fortune on the praire. The town was never much more than a bar and brothel on the praire. Beer City was located in Outlaw Territory. The only sheriff around for many miles was a sheriff by the name of "Bush". Sheriff Bush had had trouble in Beer City many times! Gunfights, cattle russlers, bootleggers to name a few. It was his job to stop the lawlessness. This made for some pretty angry outlaws! One day the townspeople got together with Pussey Cat Nell and came up with the story that Sheriff Bush had pistol whipped Pussey Cat Nell! This of course was far from the truth, but the kind of folks that lived in the area were up in arms about it! One day they all got togather and got the Sheriff to come to the saloon under false pretenses. When he arrived at the saloon the whole town shot him into little pieces! What was the reason, when asked, why he was shot so many times? Their reply was, "That way they couldn't tell who killed him since we all shot him"! By 1890 Liberal Kansas, a tent city on the railroad to the North, had grown! The little Saloon on the praire gave way to the expansion of the west. Submitted by: Michael Dale Venable