NAME: Emerson
COUNTY: Cotton
CLIMATE: Hot summer, moderate winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring or Autumn
COMMENTS: Take I-44 West from Lawton OKTake exit for US 277/US 281 at mile marker 20.Go West (right for southbound traffic)The first ramshackle farmhouse you see on the north side of the road will be the lunchroom that was built for the Emerson school in its latter years. One mile further west at the intersection with County Road N2550, is the big barn-like Hathaway House built by A.E. Shaw. One of Emersons's few surviving buildings, it sits on the SW corner of the intersection across from Emerson Baptist church (NW corner). Emerson Methodist church dates from the town's founding and is located at the SW corner of the intersection.
REMAINS: School lunchroom, Hathaway house, Emerson Methodist Church
Emerson sale of lots was on July 28, 1907, sponsored by railroad.Rail line to Emerson was never completed. Emerson post office closed November 1914. See: The Lawton Constitution September 21, 1993 article page 1B. Submitted by: Mark Ogilvie