NAME: Hess
COUNTY: Jackson
CLIMATE: Hot Humid Summer, Cold may snow in Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late spring, early summer
COMMENTS:  Located south of Altus, Ok. and West of Elmer, Ok.
REMAINS: Church, partial remains of general store and other buildings. 

This is a town that died many many years ago. The buildings that once stood were the old wood frame buildings of the 1800's that are the stereotype of a ghost town, all the way down to the small church with the steeple. Located south of Altus, Ok. and West of Elmer, Ok., this once thriving farming town now consists of just a few residents, and has been gone for so long that it is not even on the map. Older residents will tell stories of the once thriving farm town, the general store that stood and operated at the crossroads of the town, the old dirt roads that once existed, and the many memories.

Submitted by: Tony Garrison