NAME: Kendrick
COUNTY: Unknown
CLIMATE: Humid summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any time, some dirt roads get muddy in wet season
COMMENTS: Kendrick is two miles north on Hwy 99 and five miles west of Stroud, OK
REMAINS: Old downtown buildings and old homes UPDATE:

The General Store is still open, the city how has public water (connected to Stroud) and a city sewer system as well as a public park.

My father-in law grew up there in the 1930's. His father owned the general store and his mother taught school. The bank (since razed) was robbed several times by gangsters. Lots of old buildings remain. Kendrick school holds a reunion every year for the 31 or so still living students. Families still reside there but all shopping is done in Stroud. Submitted by: Scott Mahathey