NAME: Keystone
CLIMATE: Hot summers and cold winters.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and fall.
COMMENTS: Old Keystone is approximately 18 miles west of Tulsa, Oklahoma on State Highway 51A.
REMAINS: Broken concrete from old Highway 51. Some foundation blocks and rock wall remnants.
The town of Keystone was located on the south side of the Arkansas River just below the point where the Arkansas River and the Cimarron River converge. It was a rough and tumble old west town that met the needs of Cowboys, Creek Indians, oilfield roughnecks, and fancy river gamblers. It was rumored that at one time it had more bawdy houses than family dwellings. It started out as merely a tent city in the early years in Indian Territory. The original Fort Arbuckle was located on the north side of the Arkansas River (marker east of junction Highway 64 and Highway 51A). The "Battle of Round Mountain" (first Civil War action) was held on Round Mountain three miles due south of Keystone. Round Mountain is now private property, but there were still arrowheads and musket balls being found there through the 1980's.The actual site for the town of Keystone is just below the south end of the earthen part of Keystone Dam. There is a scenic overlook site above the location on top of the first hill to the south, that is maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. On the north end of the dam, tours may be taken of the hydroelectric facilities below and inside of the north end of Keystone Dam on weekdays (Monday thru Friday). Submitted by: Douglas L. Fisher Hello,
I am writing in regards to info given on Keystone, Oklahoma.
The location of the town is actually northwest of the dam. I have attached two USGS quad maps, one from 1958 and one from 1967 that show before and after the lake. The 1958 map shows the dam under construction.
You can also see neighboring Appalachia on the 1958 map. The area just south of where the school was is now a park.
Wes Kinsler
Oklahoma Historic Bridge & Highways Group