NAME: Lima
COUNTY: Seminal
CLIMATE: Hot in summer, cold in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Winter to sping
COMMENTS: The location is in Lima Oklahoma. It is off hy 270 coming from Seminal or Wewoka, Oklahoma. I love the old all black school as you come in to town. but there is more if you watch for them.
REMAINS: School, Jail, Post office and I think a court house and a hotel
There was a Post Office and a town. It was almost all black people. The Schoo is still standing as is the hotel. You can see the P.O. through the bushes. There is a jail and other buildings. Bonnie and Clyde stayed there. There is a all black school and there was a all white school. There was a Railroad Station witch had a Train stop. There is a new town but it doesn't have any thing but the new school. This town is called New Lima. I think the reason the old town closed down was it was for the black people. They weren't aloud to go to any P.O. so they had this town but when the blacks could go any where they closed this town here down. Submitted by: Clarissa Meeks