NAME: Lone Pine
CLIMATE: Snow in the winter, Hot in the summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring to fall
COMMENTS: Lone Pine was a community that existed in the 1920's. How long before or after that time I am not sure. It was located somewhat between another Ghost town (community), White Oklahoma, and Summerfield. In the 20's it had a school that my mother went to through its highest grade of, I beleve, the 6th. The last time I visited Lone Pine was about 25 years ago. At that time I was hard pressed to get there in my 4WD truck. Very remote now, but was an active community in those bygone days. About all there is now, is the foundation of the school and decaying home places. As far as I know, no one lives in Lone Pine, Oklahoma.
REMAINS: School steps and foundation, and almost undetectable home places of days gone by.
I have no information as to the lifetime duration of the community, only that it did exist in the time period that I have stated and at one time was an active community. Submitted by: Ron White