NAME: Macomb
COUNTY: Pottawatomie
CLIMATE: Hot summers, mild winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Visit any time
COMMENTS: 8 miles west of shawnee ok. On i-40,then 16 miles south on hwy 102, then2 miles east of 59b.
REMAINS: Main street, old bank and old buildings .UPDATE: Macomb has a school K-12, a Convenience store, and many residences.   With the population of the area growing, Macomb has seen a resurgence of growth, and is once again "on the map".  My daughter attends school there, and Macomb now has it's first football team as of this year (2007)... 
Macomb was a booming town from the late 1800s to early 1900s. It was a major cotton producing town that wentbelly-up during the dust bowl. Nothing is left of the origionaltown with the exceptions of the old bank and a few other buildings liningmain street. If you come to Macomb be sure tostop at the post office and visit with the Postman, Max Hunt. He knows the history of this town and he is always glad to share it. Submitted by: Robbie Gilliam