NAME: Millers Pond
CLIMATE: Typical OK - hot summers, cold dry winters
COMMENTS: From Waterloo Rd. and Kelly Ave, go north 1 mi. to W. Simmons Rd., head west 1/2 mi. pond is 75 yards south of Simmons. UPDATE 9/23/2009 - A housing addition is being constructed on the site. It appears that they are clearing roads next to the pond. This will likely make access to the homestead much easier but locating historic markers and debris much harder.
REMAINS: stem walls of homesterad and barn still visible from Simmons Rd.
In 1909, Ezekial Miller, a well known horse thief and bank robber wanted in Payne Co., killed 13 men in a standoff at that pond. He spent four days and nights hidden behind a log and halfway in the water before he was finally captured alive by the 141st infantry of the US Army under Col. Stanton. The 141st was searching for a band of rustlers out of Pecos Co., TX when they came upon the standoff. Mr. Miller was taken before the Judge Handley Roberts who sentenced him to hang. Ezekial spat on Judge Roberts gavel and stated �I wish you�d a been at my pond so I could have closed you out like those other lawmen!� Judge Roberts threw his gavel and struck Ezekial in the head, thus securing the nickname �the throwin� judge� after that date. Ezekial Jacob Miller hung the following afternoon overlooking the pond which now bears his name. My DH has taken a metal detector to the area several times but hasn't come up with anything of historical significance. Submitted by: Beatrice Swanson - former Logan Co. Historical Society treasurer