COUNTY: Sequoyah County
CLIMATE: Hot summers, Cold Winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: don't know
COMMENTS: In Sequoyah County, 8 miles north of Sallisaw. Found in OKLAHOMA PLACE NAMES by: George H. Shirk. Haven't been there yet...
REMAINS: Don't know
A post office from April 25, 1828 to October 2, 1829. At later dates post offices named KIDRON and MARBLE SALT WORKS were located at this same site. Named for General John Nicks, War of 1812 hero. Kidron post office established Sept. 17, 1835; it was moved and its name changed to Marble Salt Works, Sept. 8, 1858. Thereafter, on Oct. 27, 1859, anoher post office was established at the original site, continuing the name Kidron, but was, in turn, discontinued Jan. 22, 1869. On May 26, 1886; a ost office known as Kedron was established at this same location. Marble Salt Works post office name changed Sept. 8 1858, and discontinued October 23, 1871. Here was the site of Nicksville and of Dwight Mission, well-known Indian school established in 1829. Kedron post office established May 26, 1886 and name changed to Marble Jan. 16, 1895. Marble is still on current Oklahoma maps. Going to find it soon, have more details when I get back!!! Submitted by: Marie Dee