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COMMENTS: There are a few people that still live in orr. The businesses that were once a big part of the town are long gone.
REMAINS: The only thing that is still there is the outer walls of what was once the bank.

I have been told that a long time ago the town was a thriving community until the bank was blown up by bank robbers. The town went downhill after that and never recovered. The last thing to go was the school. My uncle was the only bus driver for the school until all of the school children were moved to zanis school district.I do not know exactly how many of the residents still live there today. I still have some family members that still live there that might know more of the history of the little town of Orr, Oklahoma. Submitted by: Betty whitton

This is not really a correction.  I was raised in the little ghost town of Orr, Oklahoma.  All that she said was true.  Although the walls of the bank is not still standing.  The only thing that is left is the cafeteria and storm cellar from the old school.  The old cafeteria is now a community center used for small parties and things like that. It was once used for a voting center during the elections, but do not know if that is now true.  Of the last remaining of the old residents are my Grandmother, Victoria Burden, who has lived there for at least 75 years and my Dad, John Burden, who has lived there his whole life, 52 years.  He attended the Orr school as a child. If you would like to have pictures of the remaining historical sites just let me know. Thank you, Emily (Burden) Baumgartner

Update: Hi my name is Cary Whitener i was born and raised in Orr, my family has lived there since 1902. My  great, grand mother Lizzy Stedham Whitener , the land my brother lives on was allotted to her 1902. The town is actually in love county, John Burden lives in the old church. They still have elections in the old lunch room , Shirley Redmon is head of  election commety, the also have a fire department. I think either  Mick Hagood or Archie Allen has the old Orr bank sign. Miss Addie Walker lived by the old stiore there also use to be a post office west of the street  there was a black smith there also it was next to the post office . Orr also had a picture show, my  dad also said there was several stores, cotton gins,the school was torn down in the earily 1970.s. the Redmons, Bakers, Whiteners, Burdens, The Hodgsons still live there,my dad also went to the Orr school . The old gym burned down, the school was consoladated in around the middle 50,S  52-57 some where around that time ,my dad wet there until the eighth grade then went to ringling, there is more  but i have to write it down any one with pictures they could send would be , great thanks a lot Cary Whitener.