NAME: Peoria
COUNTY: Ottawa
CLIMATE: Hot summer, cold winter
COMMENTS: About less than 50 residents left.
REMAINS: Not much: One convenience store, two active churches.
Peoria is named after the Peoria Indian tribe. It was once a small mining town with over 10,000 people living there, but when mining shut down, the little town rapidly went downhill. Another factor that has caused Peoria to decline is isolation. Peoria lies in an area surrounded by many large and rolling hills and is hidden by many dense trees. The nearest town is Seneca, MO, about 7 miles to the southeast. Also, the nearest main raod (U.S. Highway 10) is about 5 miles away. Peoria is also near two of Ottawa county's most famous haunted areas; the Hoffman Mansion site and the Spooksville Ghost Light(or just Spooklight.) Submitted by: Steven McGinty

This small convenience store is Peoria's only active business.
Courtesy Steven McGinty

Peoria's Fire Dept. rarely sees any action.
Courtesy Steven McGinty

General Store, a life line for residents for many years, it is abt 100 years old. In the center of that building the is an small upstairs area. Back in the early 1900's the area above the store was once a dance hall. When I lived there is was our living quarters. It has an original cement ice room where they kept things cool.
Courtesy Steven McGinty

This vacant lot was once the site of the haunted Hoffman Mansion.
Courtesy Steven McGinty

This small family graveyard on the Hoffman Mansion site is supposedly haunted too.
Courtesy Steven McGinty

A photo of the famous Spook Light near Peoria.
Courtesy Steven McGinty

Peoria looking east.
Courtesy Steven McGinty