NAME: Ramona
COUNTY: Washington
CLIMATE: Very hot in the summer; can get cold in the winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime but it's hot in summer and cold in winter
COMMENTS: Ramona is about 35 mi. north of Tulsa or about 15 mi. south of Bartlesville on hwy. 75
REMAINS: Mostly residential areas; also school is still open
Before it became incorporated in 1901, Ramona was also called Hobson and then Bon Ton. It becaame a booming oil town until the 1940's. You can still see some of the tanks from the old tank farm on the north side of Ramona from hwy 75. Right now there is only about 2 business--a convenience store and a restaurant. The school there is still open and also a post office. The school burned in the 1950's and was rebuilt but the gym is original. It has a covered swimming pool in the bottom. Most of the homes on the hill are approx. 100 yrs old or thereabouts. Next to the railroad on the east side of downtown is the foundation of the old r.r. depot. In the same area is a big 2 story house that used to be a hotel and next to it is foundation of another hotel that burned. Downtown has some brick sidewalks and rings for tying up horses back before autos. The post office used to be a bank and you can see where old windows used to be; across from it was an old hardware store. On old hwy 75, there is a row of houses called the Green Row and they have been there for quite some time. Submitted by: Susan Platt