NAME: Silver City
CLIMATE: Hot and humid in summer and cold in winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and fall.
COMMENTS: Silver City is located appx. 25 miles west of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
REMAINS: One convenience store, a church, a few residences, and a machine shop.
Silver City was a prospering farming and ranching community located half way between Tulsa and Stillwater Oklahoma. The rich black soil and rolling hay meadows made it an ideal place to raise horses and cattle. It was said that the best bootleg whiskey ever tasted came from a clear spring on the edge of Rocky Canyon two miles east of Silver City. Bounded by the Cimarron River on the nort and west, it had ample water available year round and several apple and peach orchards were operated there for many years. It is said that the Doolin' Boys were once holed up overnight by the Law in a small cave high up the bluff of the rocky east bank of the Cimarron River just south of the present day bridge on New Highway 51. The next morning they were gone, only access being a cedar tree hung up on a rock in the river below.In the late 1950's the State moved Highway 51 one mile north of Silver City and built the new Cimarron River bridge. This spelled doom for the quiet rural community as it slowly sinks away into the ever shifting sands of time. Submitted by: Douglas L. Fisher