NAME: Sparks
COUNTY: Lincoln
CLIMATE: Hot humid summers, chilly winters, unpredictable oklahoma weather
COMMENTS: The old bank building is still standing, & an old school (now a residence I believe.)
REMAINS: Not much
Sparks was once a major railroad town. It was named after George Sparks, who ran the Fort Smith & Western Railway. One interesting event in this little town's history was a bank robbery in 1908. In the middle of the night, some robbers stole several rolls of barbed wire from the local hardware store, then rolled them in front of the bank door. Their thought was to use them as sheilds should any lawmen show up. They then put a small cup of nitroglycerin on top of the bank door. Next to it they lit a candle to help them see their target in the darkness. Backing off, they proceeded to try to shoot the nitro, hoping to blow the bank door. There was only one problem; they couldn't hit it. Finally the noise of the shots brought a local lawman who unsuccessfully tried to shoot the robbers; amazingly, the barbed wire shield worked! Finally the robbers hit the nitro & blew the door (and unfortunately for them, much of the paper money in the bank). Still trading shots with the lawman, they loaded up what they could & took off into the darkness. Submitted by: Sonya Percell