NAME: Texanna
COUNTY: Macintosh
CLIMATE: Hot, humid summer, cold dry winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: spring and fall
COMMENTS: Near Porum Landing on Lake Eufala, 7-8 miles east of US 69, via Texanna road; not to be confused with the clusters of c-stores and other businesses along Texanna road, which most today refer to as Texanna.
REMAINS: one church, foundations, several occupied houses and one unoccupied business; school foundation .3 miles east.
Original village settled by a band of cherokees in 1839, near an 'everlasting' spring. By 1882 there were two schools, two churches, a grist mill, a cotton gin, five general stores, and one drug store. First post office was awarded in 1888. Cotton gin believed to have functioned until the early 1930's. Submitted by: Steve Wooten