NAME: Tuskegee
CLIMATE: Cool winter, warm humid summertime
COMMENTS: Typical Farming town, about 20 miles from Bristow.
REMAINS: Not much.
Shortly after I was born in Arkansas, my family, the Austins, moved to Tuskegee, Oklahoma (about 1928). At that time there were about 100 residents in this small farming community. There was a general store with a post office, a cotton gin, a school (6th through 8th grade), a church and a blacksmith shop. I eventually got a job at the general store and became the postmaster of Tuskegee in 1937 at which time I made $1 per day. I was 18 years old then. My parents were farmers and ranchers and leased land from the state. We had a model B ford, many horses and cattle and farmed things like peanuts, corn, cotton and more. Everyone knew everyone in those days and our baseball team was one of the best in the area. We had to go to Bristow to go to high school which most of us didn't finish (Bristow was about 20 miles away). Eventually, oil wells started popping up everywhere and people started moving away from the town.The oil wells eliminated all of the good farming land and sort of forced people to move. I got married to Robert Underwood, whose parents also lived in Tuskegee, in 1938 and we moved to Eloy, Arizona to work on a ranch. Eventually, Robert got a job running a grader and helped build the airport in Marana, Az by grading the runways. The work was better in California though so we moved to Redondo Beach where Robert worked in the shipyards.I don't think there is a whole lot left of Tuskegee anymore.

Tuskegee - Thelma Austin - Circa 1920
Courtesy Thelma Austin

Thelma and her Model B on Odyssey Creek near Tuskegee
Courtesy Thelma Austin

Thelma and friend in Tuskegee
Courtesy Thelma Austin

Robert Underwood in Tuskegee
Courtesy Thelma Austin