NAME: Washunga
COUNTY: Kay County
CLIMATE: Hot in Summer and humid. Cold in Winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring/Fall. Hot in summer but not unbearable.
COMMENTS: The small Town was one mile NE of new Kaw City, OK. Washunga was named for the last Chief of the Kaw Indians, although his name was usually spelled "Washungah" His picture and some info are to be found in the Kaw Museum at New Kaw (which is housed in the old RailRoad Station moved from original Kaw City before the Kaw Dam was finished.)
REMAINS: Probably nearly unrecognizable by now, except possibly "by the lay of the land," to some real old-timers.
In the late forties and fifties, population in and around was scarce- possibly 100-150 people?By 1955, only the School was left--Washunga School, Kay County Public School District 89, and faced East on a small hill, next to the blacktop highway leading South to Kaw City. Shidler was 9 miles due East. Ira Yeager owned and ran a small general store cash and carry type grocery store until he died. The store was next to the highway, and across the side road from the school. It was mighty important to us school kids at recess time! There was no post office-mail came as a route out of kaw City. The rural carrier was Bob Cross, and later, Alan Fink. Alan Fink's wife, Geneva, was the school principal in the 40's and 50's., some years teaching all 8 grades alone and at the same time. The rooms could be made smaller or larger with large sliding doors. Every Christmas, there was a Christmas play, which she taught usand made happen with great success.In Fall and Spring, we made field trips to her farm, etc, to learn about the trees, etc.Every day she read at least a chapter out of some book she thought we needed to know, and made us interested in reading. A couple times, the teachers-with permission- even took us to Ponca City to see a movie they thought was good for us to see. And they took us on the train to Oklahoma City to tour the Capitol and Governor's Mansion, the zoo, and picnic there. Submitted by: Jan Mize