NAME: Woodford
COUNTY: Carter
CLIMATE: Hot in Summer, Cold Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall or Spring
COMMENTS: Also known as Bywater11.6 Miles North, 9 Miles West of Ardmore. 2 Miles North and 9 Miles West of Springer.
REMAINS: Mostly homes and a water well
The town got its start in 1870. It is located on the South side of the Arbuckle Mountains. It is located along the old whisky trail through the mountains.Until 1985 the old post office was still standing. Last time I visited it had been torn down along with several other old buildings. It achieved its greatest population in the early 1910's where there were serveral businesses and support services. The old water well has been rebuilt and now has a shelter over it. Still a pretty drive and is on the way to Mountain Lake, a crystal clear lake tucked away in the mountains. Submitted by: Randy White