NAME: Barclay
Snow in winter, hot in summer BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and summer
COMMENTS: An old logging town, on top of Mountain Road, just south of Rt. 414 near Frankendale. Mountain Road turns into a gravel road, so take it slow to the top. You will cross a small creek, which was the center of town, nothing there now. Go a little further til the road splits into three directions; take the center road to an abandoned cemetery (very cool). REMAINS: Many graves remain in the cemetery. Hasn't been used in decades.

Was an old logging town at he turn of the 20th Century. Also nearby is Laquin. Submitted by: Tom Raski

The ghost town of Barclay, in Bradford Co., PA was a coal mining town, not a logging town. Coal was transported down the mountain by an incline plane rail system. To the best of my knowledge, the original location of the town was later obliterated by later strip mining operations. But, as you mention, the cemetery still exists, and is an eerie, interesting place to visit. The late NY financier, Jay Gould (of Erie Railroad fame) is rumored to have stayed there while working on one of his railroad schemes, and allegedly tipped the waitress $100 for the fine meal he received during his stay. Barclay, and Laquin are indeed in close proximity of each other, but Barclay came into existence before Laquin, and both were served by the long defunct Susquehanna and NY Railroad. This operated between Monroeton, PA and Williamsport, PA. The railroad is quite an interesting story in itself, and most of the trackbed, and bridges are still very much in evidence throughout the valley of Schrader Creek.