NAME: Frick's Locks
COUNTY: Chester
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter, Hot in Summer
COMMENTS: No current residents. Take Route 422, to Route 724 East, left on Frick's Lock Road.
REMAINS: Approximately 10 building and a barn
Frick's Lock is along the abandoned Schuylkill Canal in East Coventry Township, Chester County, PA. The town's decline began when the Schuylkill Canal was drained in the early 1900's. It was abandoned in the late 20th century with the construction of Limerick Nuclear Power Plant. The remains of Frick's Lock consist of about ten abandoned buildings including a few from the 1700s. The original canal lock tender's house burned in February, 2008. The buildings are boarded up and there is a gate across Frickļæ½s Lock Road. Currently is owned by Exelon. Submitted by: Cheryl Murgia

One of the houses just inside the gate.  You cannot enter Frick's Lock, it's posted no trespassing.
Courtesy David K. Schreur

The gate at the end of Frick's Lock Road.  The town remains are on the Excelon Energy proerty on the other side of the Schuylkill River from the Limerick Nuclear Energy Center, which is why the town was bought up and evacuated.
Courtesy David K. Schreur

Looking past the gate down the road into Frick's Lock
Courtesy David Schreur

The warning sign at Frick's Lock
Courtesy David Schreur