NAME: Landrus
CLIMATE: Warm Summer, Cold & Snowy Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer, 4WD required in Winter
COMMENTS: No residents. Located within Tioga State Forest just outside of Arnot. Passing through Arnot, going west, as soon as you leave the main part of town, take a left on Landrus Rd. (is marked). Town is approx. 3 miles (you will see a marker on right side that says landrus...), be sure to check out the waterfall/swimming hole on the north side of town.
REMAINS: foundations, road beds, railroad grade

Formed in 1882 as lumber mill town. In 1888 it was home to the first coal mine to use electricity. Deserted in early 1900's (1910-1915ish) because the railroads changed. A famed baseball player named Walter Blair was apparently born here in 1883.

Landrus and the surrounding mines and watersheds were the sites for some of the first acid mine cleanup operations in Pennsylvania. For some current pictures see my website by: Sarah Gilkinson