NAME: Laquin
COUNTY: Bradford
CLIMATE: Snow in winter,no winter maintenance
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring/Fall,When Forest Gate's open.Around Thanksg
COMMENTS: No current residents,Some hunting camps,From Powell,Pa.Take rd following creek,
REMAINS: Old Foundations,
Laquin was founded about 1902 as a LUMBER town, (although the ghost town of "Barclay" is nearby and it is an old coal mining town). The death of the town was from economics. When the forests played out and the mills could no longer be feed, the industry left and the people soon followed. A CCC camp was established here in the 1930's but this would be abandoned and by 1941 Laquin was a ghost. Population at one time probably approached 2000, maybe more. There are abundant traces of the town today, though the last building disappeared sometime in the 1960's. The main street still exists as the major access road, and once sported a hotel, two churches, a school, a boarding house, store, depot, town building and several homes. Across the street were several mills --all associated with the lumber industry, railroad tracks, a mill pond -- even a baseball field. All gone! The site contains numerous foundations, however, usually amidst the brush. Watch out for rattlesnakes! The site is located in the narrow valley of Schrader Creek, which is in southern Bradford County, PA It is nothing but vast wilderness and mountains all around, as the area has re-forested since the hey days of this community. The site is currently owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and is administered as "State Game Lands". Submitted by David L. Richards.