NAME: McKinley
COUNTY: Elk County
CLIMATE: Snowy winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, before foliage hides artifacts
COMMENTS: McKinley sits in a pretty valley in the Allegheny Nat'l Forest. It's very remote (about 6 mi. from Kane) and has no residents, although gas company employees still visit from time to time to check the pipeline. From PA route 66, take Forest Road #352. Old electric lines run alongside the road, which is partly paved with large chunks of green glass. The town is about one mile down the forest road. Residential lawns are still clearly discernible with daffodils in April, cement stairs, ornamental shade trees, and lots of glass and metal artifacts in the weeds. Cellar holes have all been filled in, but the abandoned industrial complex is still standing.
REMAINS: Lots of artifacts are hidden in the trees, plus 3 buildings, including an old industrial site.
The town was probably named after President McKinley and founded in the 1890s. Like many ghost towns in the Allegheny National Forest, it was dedicated to the natural gas industry. Residences were abandoned and demolished in the 40s or 50s. The "pumping station," or industrial complex, was abandoned in the 70s. Submitted by: Brian C. Snyder

Old Station House
Courtesy Brian C. Snyder

Old Natural Gas Pumping Station
Courtesy Brian C. Snyder

McKinley's Main Residential Street
Courtesy Brian C. Snyder