NAME: Scotia Village
COUNTY: Center county
CLIMATE: Snowy winter warm/hot summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: A cool summer time
COMMENTS: No current residents its in scotia woods around scotia shooting rage as for what i found there is a bunch of cement structors and old mining shafts there is also a few wagon trails and i have found a paved what looked like a walkway cuse it wasnt wide enuf for anything eles there is also a realy old car off of one of the paths thats all rusted and shot full of holes
REMAINS: Old mining shafts filled with watter cement ruins and foundations
In about 1880's the town started up as a iron mining town called scotia and in about 1950's the town completly died out from what i have gatherd wail mining they hit a underground spring and flooded the mine shafts Submitted by: Spike