NAME: Scott Township
COUNTY: Allegheny
CLIMATE: Usual Temperature, Hot in Summer, Cold in Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and early fall.
COMMENTS: Scott township is located at 40°23′29″N 80°4′46″ W. Once you arrive, go to the Scott Township Police Station, follow into the tunnel next to the public works office. Turn left directly coming out, keep going until you see another left (At this point you will see one entrance to the Trail.). Take the left and go straight down until you see the stone parking lot. Once you leave the vehicle, go into the uphill wooded area and from there you should find some remains. All of the remains are separated into different places on the trail.

REMAINS: Stairs onto a property, a small well, and coal mine (Entrance is accessible, location is unknown)

Scott Township was formed a little before the 1870s, with the population at the time being a little over 1,400 residents. According to township myth, the small town rose to "greatness" once a large deposit of coal was found in a small stream (Coal is still able to be found along the trail). With the mines open, the people came running from other bigger towns or cities to try to claim this large fortune. From there, the mines kept pulling in people to the small town. (My words) Now, coming to modern day, there are odd remains of buildings everywhere, I know one where supposed people practiced black magic directly down the road from me. If you are to spend a couple of days in town, I'd surely look around everywhere. I would recommend walking both railroads located in the township, you can find a mighty lot of remains on them.

Submitted by: Patrick Hallisey