NAME: Willsonville
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, Hot in Summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: During a drought
COMMENTS: Wilsonville used to boast 70 foot high waterfalls and a significant lumber industry until the late 1800's. A small community, when the lumber business dried up, the town began to die off. Pennsylvania Power and Light (PP&L) came in with plans for a hydrostatic generation plant came in around the early to mid 1920's and purchased the land from the residents for $20 an acre. Some of the houses and buildings were relocated before PP&L dammed up the river and flooded the town, thus creating Lake Wallenpaupack. What buildings were left prior to the flooding were left standing and now the remains of this town is submerged under more than 100 feet of water. While I don't have any pictures, the internet has some period photos available and during extremely dry summers, you can see a church steeple sticking up above the surface of the water (at least you used to.).
REMAINS: All Underwater

No residents without scuba gear! Lumber was the mainstay at its peak. Two mills on the river. The town was deserted to make way for the dam that created Lake Wallenpaupack.

Submitted by: Robert Hunt