NAME: Yellow Springs
COUNTY: Lebanon
CLIMATE: Snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: spring through fall
COMMENTS: Yellow Springs lies on top of Stony Mountain and can be reached by foot from Clark's Valley Road by following the Yellow Springs Trail up the mountain, or by taking the Appilacian Trail. The town site of Yellow Springs is just north of the intersection of these two trails. This site does not have access suitable for children, and there are no facilities of any kind as it lies within PA State Game Lands 211.
REMAINS: about 10-12 cellar hole foundations, a coal pit with remains of the vent stack and steam hoist foundation, an incline for bringing lumber up and over the mountain with the foundations for the incline hoist.
Yellow Springs was one of a group of abandoned towns in Stony Valley between Second Mountain and Stoney or Third Mountain, north of Harrisburg, PA. In the Mid 1800s the Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad built a rail line through the bottom of Stony Valley, between Dauphin, PA and Gold Mine, PA (see the Gold Mine, PA listing). Yellow Springs was an early coal mining town, but the grade of coal in Stony Valley was poor and eventually the mines became unprofitable. The Vally, being quite aptly named, was too poor for farming, and once the coal was unprofitable and the timber was cleared off, the railroad couldn't make a profit and closed the line, dooming the towns. By the early 20th century the towns were dwindling abd most were abandoned by the time of the depression. Submitted by: David K. Schreur

A chimney stack and foundation from a house at Yellow Springs
Courtesy David K. Schreur

Tha Appalacian Trail mailbox at Yellow Springs with the town sign.
Courtesy David K. Schreur