NAME: Athboy
COUNTY: Corson
CLIMATE: Hot in Summer / Snow in Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, Summer, Fall
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This post office and small village was established west of Whitney 6 miles as Whitney was fading out of the picture somewhat. Athboy was a fourth class post office near Black Horse Creek (Whitney Creek). The population was 12 in 1940 and included a blacksmith shop on the corner of “Tuff Avenue and Thunder Hawk Street,” as well as a grocery store and post office. Ralph Moore was the first postmaster in December 1917 and continued in the capacity until March 1944 when the mail went to Meadow. The Ruther’s maintained the general store, post office and blacksmith shop. The Ruthers also had a gas pump after cars were used in the area. - Taken from Taming the Plains by Rose Tidball Submitted by: Ryan