NAME: Creston
COUNTY: Pennington
CLIMATE: cold, snowy winters; hot, dry summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Tourist season (summer)
COMMENTS: Currently no residents reside in Creston, which is situated on the banks of Rapid Creek. The only remains of the town are some building foundations, some abandoned farm equipment, an abandoned railroad grade, and a dirt road named after the town (Creston Rd). An active rock quarry, once served by the Milwaukee Railroad at Everist Spur is two miles east of Creston. Just east of Creston railroad curves to the south through a large cut in the rolling hills; Creston Rd parallels the railroad grade down into the Cheyenne River valley.
REMAINS: Building foundations, railroad grade, rock quarry, railroad bridge over Cheyenne River
Creston was once a thriving town along the Milwaukee Railroad tracks that ran between Murdo and Rapid City. The town owes its existence to the railroad which was constructed through the area in 1907.The Dust Bowl and the abandonment of the railroad in 1980 contributed to a decline in population. Submitted by: Andrew Shireman