NAME: East Sioux Falls
COUNTY: Minnehaha
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, summer and fall
COMMENTS: No current residents. Located east of Sioux Falls off I-29 or I-90. Roadside landmark provides information. Land is overgrown and remains are difficult to find but can be a fun adventure. Some areas are clearly designated private property.
REMAINS: Few foundations and quarry remains
The ever-profitable mining industry led to the formation of East Sioux Falls in the late 1880's. This early mining boom of Sioux quartzite led to the first and only peak in population for the young sister city. Skilled quarrymen and their families made up most of the population. Although mining gave birth to the small town it was the later depression in the 1890's that would contribute to it's death. Quarries became nearly inoperative. It's easy for the rise and fall of this eastern city to go unnoticed--however, it's the small hidden treasures amongst the overgrowth that keeps the memories alive. Submitted by: Jennifer Dumke