NAME: Igloo
COUNTY: Fall River
CLIMATE: Hot summers, cold and snowy winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Springs, summer, or fall
COMMENTS: Just a handful of residents remain. Many old beautiful buildings left, including a school, church, bunkers, couple of houses, hotel, fire station, theatre, and community swimming pool.
REMAINS: Many old beautiful buildings.
Igloo was once a military town during the war. It got its' name from the many "igloos" that outline the town. Military guns, ammunition, tanks, etc., we're stored in these igloos. Igloo was considered a "sister" town to Edgemont. It's boom was in during WWII. The old hotel, which is still standing and is very big and a beautiful yellow, was famous throughout fall river county for hosting wild saturday night parties. The town is still very fascinating to visit. Over half of the original public buildings are still standing, and in decent condition. The private residences are no longer standing, but you can still see the streets and linings of where they once stood. The town slowly died out once the military moved out after the war. Submitted by: Jennifer J. Bebbington