NAME: Reed
CLIMATE: Warm in Summer - Snow in Winter
COMMENTS: No residents. Outside of Sturgis.Take Exit 32 from I-90 into Sturgis. Follow Highway 79/34 through town going East. When you get to the junction where 79 turns off continue East on 34 passing Ft Meade (which is a good stop). Continuing East you will see a turnoff to the Sturgis Airport. Continue East on 34. Start looking for the only long gravel road unmarked heading off north into the prairie on the east side of Bear Butte. Turn left. You will travel for approx 4-5 miles. When you see a closed ICBM Missile Signal Station on the right the sight has a concrete marker on the left. The entire area has closed down missile sites from the cold war. You can recognize them from the square 8 ft fenced in area here and there. These missile sites were all over SD and WY.
REMAINS: Concrete Marker & School House 200 yards down the road.
Charles and Winnie Reed and three children traveled by covered wagon across SD and homesteaded first with a sod house at the Reed site in 1905. There was constructed a Country Store and a Reed Post Office there until 1910 when they moved the Post Office to Vail. The Reeds moved into Sturgis and Reed lay in ruin until it decayed away. The town was at the northern base of what was called "Gumbo Hill". The school house 200 yards farther north is called the "Nine Mile School" and sits on the property of one of it's former students. He is now in his 80's. Submitted by: Mike And Aaron Woodfin

Reed Marker
Courtesy Mike and Aaron Woodfin

Reed School
Courtesy Mike and Aaron Woodfin