NAME: Weta
COUNTY: Jackson
CLIMATE: cold, snowy winters; hot, dry summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: tourist season (summer)
COMMENTS: There are no residents currently residing in Weta. It sits on a tableland surrounded by geological landforms commonly known as the Badlands. Several miles south of Weta, at a fork in a road, lies untold square miles of the largest Fairburn agate beds in the state.
REMAINS: A couple of abandoned houses; a grove of trees; and an abandoned railroad grade
Weta grew from a siding on the Milwaukee Road in 1907, when the line was being extended westward to Rapid City. With hopes to start new and better lives being shattered in the Dust Bowl of the 1930's, the local inhabitants fled the area. The abandonment of the railroad on March 31, 1980 also contributed to Weta becoming a ghost town Submitted by: Andrew Shireman