NAME: Winship
CLIMATE: Cold and snow in winter and hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime, but summer is the best time
COMMENTS: Winship was located about 7 miles north of Frederick SD just east of US Highway 281. It is on the edge of the ND/SD state line. A few scattered, occupied farm houses are around.
REMAINS: Very few
Winship was located halfway between Ellendale ND and Frederick SD. The first building in Winship was the schoolhouse built in 1889. It was called the Winship School for a Mr. Winship who came from the East and owned the land. The Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad was built from Aberdeen SD to Edgeley ND in 1881. Early in the century, two elevators were built. A store was also built. In 1919, the store proved to be too small, so a new, larger store was built. The new store was destined for hard times. The highway was improved and taken to the other side of town. Automobiles became more numerous and it was too easy for people to partonize Frederick and Ellendale. The store was sold and moved to Merricourt ND where it was later destoryed. In 1972, one of the elevators was torn down and the other burned. Later the school was closed and sold. It is now part of the home of Dr. Crabtree on Pheasant Lake. At one time, Winship had two elevators, a store, a gas pump, a cream station, blacksmith shop, stockyards, and a school. All have now disappeared. There was never a post office, as the town was on the rural route out of Ellendale ND. Winship was an exciting place back then. Groceries came by train, and were unloaded along the tracks. The kids would help carry the groceries from the tracks to the store. For a reward, they received a big sack of candy. Kids were also around when stock was brought to the stockyards to be loaded on the trains. One time when the fence was lined with kids, a bull became alarmed at the noise, and jumped over the fenec and took off across fields. The kids took off just as fast. Winship is gone now, but it will not be forgotten. Submitted by: Matt Gustafson