NAME: Belle Plain
COUNTY: Callahan
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
Winter, spring, fall
COMMENTS: Just south of Baird.
REMAINS: A couple of houses (partial) and a 3 story college.

One of the most promising towns in West Texas during the 1870s was Belle Plain. The town experienced slow growth with only three businesses operating during its first year, which was 1876. By 1880, however, the population had increased to around three hundred and supported a hotel, several mercantile stores and a newspaper among a number of other businesses. Doctors and lawyers were among the town's professionals. One of the first institutions of higher learning in West Texas was the Belle Plain College. The school offered the full classical course of studies as well as the sciences and liberal arts. However, the reputation of Belle Plain College rested with its music department and its twelve grand pianos. The college flourished as well as the town for a few years until the severe drought of 1886-1887 from which neither could recover. The school closed its doors in 1892. By 1897, only four families inhabited the town. Today, Belle Plain is a true ghost town. It leaves the remains of the college building and a residence or two, both of which have suffered greatly from the elements. Belle Plain is located only about a mile east of U.S. Highway 283 about six and a half miles south of Baird, but reaching the site requires a circuitous route on graded country roads. Visitors will pass near the nicely maintained Belle Plain cemetery. SUBMITTED BY: Henry Chenoweth

Belle Plain was settled in the late 1800's around 1890. It was a town that had big spurts of population increases. It was expected to grow into a town as large as San Angelo, Texas, when the railroad was going to be brought through. The railroads never went thruogh Belle Plain. It went 6 miles north to Baird. population started declinming and soon enough, it became deserted. It once had 5 businesses and about 1,000 people at it's peak. It had a college and that had an attendance of 300 people. Submitted by: Sean Michael

Belle Plain
Courtesy Tyson Woodul

Belle Plain
Courtesy Tyson Woodul