NAME: Best
COUNTY: Reagen
CLIMATE: Mild,very little snow
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Very hot in summer
COMMENTS: About eight miles west of big lake,tx, near sight of first oilwell in the permian basin (1926). It is on hyway 67 south.
REMAINS: One closed up serice station
In 1926 when oil was discovered nearby, the city of best was established. Grocery stores,cafes,a bakery,owned and run by jake davis,who later moved his bakery to mccamey, texas, as the population followed the search for oil. At one time it is said that 4000 people lived in tents and shacks at best.By the forties most was gone from best. Texon was three miles west of best,it seems they received more benefit from oil than best,as they remained an active town until the fifties.There was a post office from 1926 to about 1990. Submitted by: James gunnels