NAME: Boracho
COUNTY: Culberson
CLIMATE: Never a problem. Dont drive off into a running arroyo.
COMMENTS: Boracho. Post office 1908 / 1912. UPDATE: I attempted to visit Boracho, Texas on 7 Feb, 2007. There is a sign at exit 166 on I-10 for Boracho Station. A sign at the top of the ramp directs you to the north. A few hundred yards from the interstate and just the other side of the railroad grade is a cattle guard gate. Accompanying the gate is a sign marking the property as private.

REMAINS: A cemetery. Thats it.
Boracho. Was on us highway 80 and the texas and pacific rr 10 mi w of kent and 26 mi e of van horn in south central culberson county. It was apparently founded around the time that the railroad was built through the area in the early 1880's. Its name is probably a misspelling of borracho, span. For 'drunk'. One source says the town got its name during the construction of the railroad, when the crew for the texas and pacific, building west through culberson county, was outpacing the competing galveston, harrisburg and san antonio crew, which was building east from hudspeth county. The gh&sa crew donated several wagonloads of whiskey to their rivals and took the lead while the t&p crew was sleeping off the booze. Another source, however, says that the name is spanish for 'violet-covered- and is derived from the name of nearby borocho peak in jeff davis county. A local post office operated rom 1908 until 1912 with mary e. Glenn as postmistress. Maps of the area from the mid 1950's showed just one dwelling at the site. By 1970 a cemetery was all that reamined there. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter