NAME: Brio Toxic Neighborhood
COUNTY: United States
CLIMATE: Dry, warm.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: At night, as long as it's not raining.
COMMENTS: There are no current residents and is located off of Beamer Rd. exiting the Sam Houston Beltway 8 (SW) accross from San Jac college.
REMAINS: Paved/unpaved streest. Woods. Houses??

The story goes that in the mid 1980's, a group of contracters purchased a site for a new neighborhood. It was cheap because it used to be a toxic waste site. Them knowing this, bought it anyway and began production. After a while, the residents that were living there in the parts that were finished began getting sick probably through the pipes and the toxic waste contaminets. As a result, three children died and the whole neighborhood was shut down. The homes were torn down and the subdivision fenced with gates and barbed wire. So supposably, if you visit today, if you can make it down the long errie strecth of the main road (lined with old house slabs and grass and bushes as far as you can see around you) you come upon woods where the street becomes demolished, you are supposed to be able to walk through the woods where you should come upon houses that are abbandoned and not torn down and you may "explore" them. These grounds after the woods are to be said haunted with the dead children. I would encourage any further investigation by anyone - my crew has only made it to the woods. :) Submitted by: RJ

I've been to Brio toxic neighborhood in Houston Texas (near Pearland) IT was Brio and DIxie oil that was located so closely to the neighboorhood. these 2 companies were jointly responsible for the problems. there were 3 children that died, and one was a little girl born with no reproductive organs. in the 50's there were as many as 21 unlined pits that the companies used to store chemicals. there was a sort of jet fuel that was stored in many of the pits. The problem was that they have to estimate the exact number of pits that were used.With the runoff intoClear Creek the land mass shifted over the years. With clear creek so near by it leaked into the water table. I went in oct 2000 with my girlfriend to explore, but we did not go into the woods. before our visit we researched the whole incident. Are there really standing houses, if so then we will soon explore? There were people living there as late as 1997, and then the houses were dozed. back off of the neighboorhood, there are some eerie telephone and light poles that stand alone in a mass of brush. These do not go with the "flow of the neighborhood, and thats why I believe that there are indeed more houses that were not dozed.In the early 1980's the houses were being constructed, and some workers were reported to be ill. Tee bad part of the whole ordeal is the fact that if they try to clean the site, they will stir up the toxic soil and pollute the air.The whole situation is eerie in a messed up way. The part that was effected was just south of San Jacinto Colleg South.- Steven