NAME: Britton
CLIMATE: Hot summer, mild winter.
COMMENTS: The town lies on the border of both Ellis and Tarrant counties.
REMAINS: Several homes, some abandoned. Cemetary. Abandoned bank. Many residents.

Britton was founded in 1885 when the post office was opened. It was formelly named Hellandville, but was changed to Britton a few years later. The community reached it's peak in the 1920's with over 300 residents. After Highway 287 was constructed and bipassed the town, people began to move to neighboring cities. The town now boasts a population of around 30. Recent construction in the area may soon engulf the town of Britton, making it within the city limits of Mansfield. Submitted by: Rex Von-Clayhammer

As of current the bank foundation and walls are standing, but the roof is missing and it is filled with junk that it looks as if peopled tossed in side for storage.
It is only viewable from the outside.

The Britton General Store / Bait and Grill which is across the street is currently being remodeled for re-opening.
Directly up the street they have built new housing complexes that look to be almost completely occuppied. It looks as if they were only built with in the last few years and look very new and numerous. It looks as if the town of Britton is making a come back by the looks of the number of houses and activity. Billie Winkle

The Bank
Courtesy Trina Haynes

The Bank
Courtesy Trina Haynes

Britton Cemetery
Courtesy Trina Haynes