NAME: Catarina
COUNTY: Dimmit
CLIMATE: Very Hot Summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Winter or Spring. Summer can be Extremely Hot.
COMMENTS: Partial Ghost Town. There Are About Two or Three Dozen Residents Left As Of 2008.
REMAINS: Old Hotel, High School, A Few Other Buildings
Located halfway between Laredo and Uvalde, Texas, in Dimmit County, lies the boom-and-bust-town of Catarina. From a few dozen residents in the early 1920's, Catarina grew to a thousand people by 1930, and was sold to prospective residents for its abundant water supply and long crop-growing season, in a dusty, cactus-choked land that became known as the "Winter Garden". A planned community for tens of thousands was laid out, with paved streets, a new school, electricity and telephone service, a grand hotel, and more. But as the Great Depression hit hard and the artesian wells dried up, the town quickly died off - today it is just a wide spot on the road with a several dozen residents, and the ruins of the still-magnificent hotel, shattered-husk of a high school and a few other buildings. For much more information about Catarina and more photos, visit the following web-sites:,_Texas Submitted by: Marc Boulware