NAME: Cheapside
COUNTY: Gonzales
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall, spring (to see wildflowers)
COMMENTS: Cheapside is on ranch road 2067 21 mi se of gonzales in south central Gonzales, county, Tx .(info taken from "the handbook of texas online"
REMAINS: Buildings
Thomas baker (1822-84) was first resident. He built a log cabin in 1857. Dr. E.R. Henry who was born in cheapside, virginia, named the settlement. The major crop was cotton but residents also raised livestock, poultry and grain. The great depession closed the cotton gin followed by schools and businesses. Pop. Was 150 in 1904 but declined thru century.(info taken from "the handbook of texas online) Submitted by: Denise hagedorn