NAME: Dalby Springs
CLIMATE: Mild winters & humidy summers
Winter, spring, fall
COMMENTS: Its a community now, approximately south of 17 miles De Kalb on FM 561. It has store, Sulfur Spring water which is Red in color, 125 year Methodist Church, Cemetery. It had 2 hotels and DryGoods store.
REMAINS: One store, hand pump sulfur spring water, and Methodist Church.

Est. about 1830 early settlement of Northeast Texas. It had 2 hotels, drygoods store, Methodist Church, Bottling plant of sulfur spring water. It went down about 1940. Some of family names were the Pirkey's, Dalby's, Hughes'.more on Dalby Springs, Tx It has 4 stores, blacksmith shop, cottongin, gris
mill, school, its population was about 4 to 5 hundred 1920, a lot more during spring of year, the spring water was thought to have some medical good. People would drink and bath in it. It contained a lot of sulfur, being red in color,
it is near Sulfur River. More families name around there were Proctor, Lumpkins. Hornbuckle. In the early 20's a black man was hung, and in the early thirties a man by the name of Clutely Richards killed Harvey Tutt. Tutt was said to a bad man. Sam Hall would have killed him if someone hadn't stopped him.

Submitted by: Michael L. Humphries

1839 Methodist Church

Historical Marker

Sulfur water well

Store at Dalby Springs

Dalby Springs Cemetery
Courtesy Trina Haynes