NAME: Dias e Ocho Creek Camp
COUNTY: Presido
CLIMATE: Cold in Winter and hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall or spring
COMMENTS: No residents. South from Van Horn, Texas on hiway 90 about 22 miles, south of Lobo about 2 miles, turn right on river road. Continue on black top to the fork and take gravel road to the left. You will see the sign for the headquarters for the 96 ranch about 2 miles after you enter the gravel road. Ask for permission and directions. It's about a 3 mile drive down the old Dias e Ocho creek bed (dried up). Great place for prospecting with metal detectors. Old coins, relics, army buttons and ammunition fired and un-fired.
REMAINS: Old timbers and hardware that made up the fort.
Dias e Ocho Creek Camp was a US Army camp built about the same time as Fort Holland in the early 1900"s to defend against Pancho Villa and his bandits. This camp was more active in routing bandits as it was closer to the Rio Grande (about 6 miles). The camp was closed and abandoned after WW I. It is located about 6 miles west of Fort Holland. It is on private property, the old Quinn Ranch. Submitted by: Clarence Louviere