NAME: Dido
COUNTY: Tarrant
CLIMATE: Hot summers, cold winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any time is fine
COMMENTS: Near fort worth
REMAINS: Grave yard, church, remains of a post office

Dido was founded in the mid-1800s near Fort Worth. The railroad was built through Saginaw, instead of Dido, and the town's population began to dwindle. There are several house near Dido and on the lake, but its no longer a proper city (the remains of the post office include an old buggy wheel). As the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw area develops more and more, it may return to its former glory (?!?). There are, interestingly enough, two bars near Dido that are pretty popular with locals. They leave Dido with an average of about one bar for every fifteen residents (!). One final note: I believe the name was taken from the mytholgical figure and I've heard that it was named by a school teacher visiting the town in the late 19th century. Submitted by: I. Hayes

UPDATE: I wanted to provide you with an update for the ghost town of Dido, TX.  Your site mentioned that you did not know why it was named Dido.  I think that you will
appreciate the info.  David Thurmond, my great great great grandfather, named the town Dido because; the trail through thickly covered terrain into the little town was covered in dido and as he would get very irritated (and quite verbal) would curse the dido.  Once the town conveinde to name their precious little town,  David, offered this as a name for the town in frustration.  The people who frequented this area had the very same issues and...the name stuck.  Yes, dido is a once slang term for... horse patties. I can't imagine that the odor was very pleasant either.  I currently live only 5 minutes from Dido; now Saginaw/Eagle Mountain.

PeggySue Benson