NAME: Dodge City
COUNTY: Williamson
CLIMATE: Hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Year round on weekends only
COMMENTS: Originally located on the Colorado River near present day Violente. All log cabins that were not moved to higher grounds were submerged by Lake Travis. Today, two cabins from this ghost town survive and have been relocated to Fort Tumbleweed on 16450 West HW 29 near Liberty Hill, Texas (the site is open only on weekends).
REMAINS: Two known cabins relocated to Fort Tumbleweed.
During the days of the republic of Texas, two log settlements were built along the Colorado River by hearty settlers. The downstream settlement was known as Waterloo and was home to the Webster family and friends that were massacred by the Comanche Indians near present day Leander Texas in 1839. Submitted by: Len Kubiak