NAME: Drumright
COUNTY: Glasscock
CLIMATE: Hot summers, cold winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall or Spring
COMMENTS: Sits on the west side of US highway 87 but east of ranch road 33 in extreme north eastern Glasscock county.
REMAINS: None known
Another oil boom town, this one came about when the "Howard/Glasscock" oil field was discovered and visions of another boom swelled the population to an excess of 500 people. In its heyday it had two hotels, a school and several businesses.The "boom" never came though and by 1932 the town reported a population of 56 people. Sometime in 1934 the last business in Drumright closed and the building was moved down the road to Lees, Texas at the intersection of FM 461 and Ranch Road 33. Submitted by: Chris